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What Our Patients Say About Us

My fear of dentists has completely gone! These folks are great; I actually like coming here! Thanks Dr. Blackley and Ladies!!
I have been a regular patient of Dr. Blackley since 1989 and can attest to the quality of dental care he has provided for me for the past 23 years. Through his professional experience and current knowledge of modern dentistry, he has maintained my teeth and gums in a continuously healthy state through an effective preventive care program. His treatments for my occasional dental issues are thorough and resolve the problem right the first time. Dr. Blackley is meticulous in his approach to his patient’s dental care and provides them with all possible options for treatment. He never pressures you, unlike some other dental professionals, into an expensive treatment if a more affordable option does the job just as well. I highly recommend Dr. Blackley and Lifetime Dental to anyone seeking quality dental care from a professional who is skilled and knowledgeable in dentistry and puts your dental health and happiness above all else.
Paul S.
I have been going to Lifetime Dental for over ten years. As much as I dislike going to the dentist's office, I've always had a good experience with them. Friendly receptionist Gayla, great hygienist Dori, she takes the extra time and effort to do a thorough cleaning! Dr. Blackley has never performed any work on me that wasn't necessary. Kim, Dr. Blackley's assistant, does a great job of making me feel well taken care of and comfortable. I feel like family whenever I go there and would recommend their services to everyone!!
This is an incredible office! It feels like you're home! The staff is so kind & professional. I've had a couple of different dentists through the years. This is the very best. If anyone has a fear of dentists from past experience, you won't after having Dr. Blackley do your dental work. I highly recommend Lifetime Dental!
Dr. Blackley has been my dentist for as long as I can remember, all the way from elementary school to college where I made 200 mile round trips for my check-ups. When I finally got a new job and my own health insurance, I reluctantly went to a new dentist. I was dazzled by the bright shiny, new technology employed by this dentist, but I was rather shocked when he told me I had five cavities- four between the teeth and one on top of a tooth. I went to Dr. Blackley for a second opinion who confirmed my teeth were perfectly healthy, and that in fact this new dentist would have caused far more damage fixing the “cavities”. Even though I will be paying out of pocket, Dr. Blackley will continue to be my dentist for as long as possible. Don’t be fooled by digital X-rays or the latest and greatest technology, there is no substitute for honesty or trust in your dentist!
Kelly F.
I had 13 veneers done by Dr. Blackley. He is caring, does an awesome job and the results will make you smile like you never have before! Don’t think about it–do it and you’ll never be happier!
Joseph H.
Kim and Dori are great with my kids. They are patient and gentle and make sure they have a positive visit.
Jessica B.
This is a wonderful practice!! You are always made to feel welcome, and Dr. Blackley is very kind. Everyone is great, and you feel that they care about your teeth and overall health!
The whole staff at Lifetime Dental is awesome! We not only get first rate care, but feel like we're coming to see our friends. We drive three hours for our dental visits twice a year because we wouldn't want to go anywhere else!
Jan & Julie
I was recommended by friends. They raved about the job you did on their teeth. I listened to my six year old grandson asking where my smile went. He loves the job you did on his grandad. You did a perfect job on my teeth and the followup is very helpful. I’m very grateful for the great care.
Daniel I.
The atmosphere at Dr. Blackley’s office is so relaxing. The staff is personable, very professional and they listen to what the problem is. The work I had done was superb! I am so glad I found Dr. Blackley
Craig G.